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Thank you for selecting Gaanja Heal. Our website and services are governed by these Terms & Conditions. Read them carefully. By using our site, you accept these terms. Gaanja Heal requires 18+. Our services are only available in medicinal cannabis-legal states. You must observe state cannabis laws. We are not liable for illegal activity. You promise to use our site and services solely for legal reasons. Site access is transitory; we may update or delete services.

Registering an Account

Some services need account registration. Provide accurate information and protect your login and password. Tell us immediately if you suspect someone entered your account. Everything on your account is your responsibility.

Accounts may be suspended or canceled for any cause, including term violations. Account cancellation may permanently delete your profile, content, and data. We don’t cover suspended or terminated accounts.

User Conduct and Responsibilities

Follow these terms and any other rules when using our site. Do not threaten, harass, or violate others’ rights. Do not:

  • Break cannabis laws or regulations
  • Infringe on others’ intellectual property rights
  • Impersonate people or organizations
  • Hide the origin of the content you upload
  • Post unlawful, harmful or offensive content
  • Promote discrimination or hostility
  • Share instructions for illegal activities
  • Collect user data without consent
  • Invade others’ privacy

The content you upload is your responsibility. Verify publication rights. User content is not guaranteed. User material may be screened or removed.

Online Purchases and Payments

Some services cost money. By giving payment info; you state you are authorized to use that card or account. Update your info if it changes. Fees are in U.S. dollars unless stated otherwise. Transaction fees from your bank or provider are your responsibility. Fees are non-refundable unless stated otherwise before purchase. We may change prices without notice. Special offers don’t affect your fees.

Disputes and Arbitration

We aim to avoid disputes but will use arbitration to resolve them. First, contact us informally to resolve issues. For eligible complaints, we will try to find a solution in 60 days. After 60 days, we will proceed to formal arbitration.

The American Arbitration Association will arbitrate disputes over $500 using its procedures. Arbitration will take place in California or another agreed location. We will pay AAA fees for claims under $5,000. Parties pay their legal fees. Final and binding arbitrator’s ruling.

By accepting arbitration, you waive class action lawsuits. Arbitrate disagreements individually, not in groups. This arbitration agreement survives even if you stop using our services. If part of it is invalid, the rest remains enforceable.


You indemnify and hold Gaanja Heal free from any claims or damages originating from:

  • your actions
  • your use of our site and services
  • your violation of these terms
  • our legal costs.

Limited Liability and Disclaimers

We provide our website and services “as is” without guarantee. We don’t guarantee product quality, usability, or legality. We cannot guarantee the usefulness, correctness, relevance or completeness of site information. We do not endorse third-party content. Our site may contain viruses or malware.

Gaanja Heal is not responsible for any damages resulting from your use of our website or services, even if informed of the potential. This covers direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, and other damages.

We are not responsible for damages from issues with other users. Limited liability applies even if remedies fail. We are not responsible for faulty services, errors or omissions. This disclaimer and limit covers our affiliates, partners, content providers, sponsors, licensors and others. It includes all legal claims like contract, tort, negligence, consumer protection laws, etc.

Termination Rights

We may stop or revoke your access without warning or responsibility. Data may be removed forever. We’re not required to keep or return submitted data. You may terminate this agreement by stopping the use of our site and services. But you remain obligated for pre-termination fees and duties. Some sections survive termination, like arbitration, indemnification, disclaimers, and limits of liability.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

California law governs these Terms, Privacy Policy, Accessibility Statement, and other restrictions. Legal issues will be addressed in LA County state or federal courts. You accept these courts’ jurisdiction.

Notification Procedures

We may send notices by email, on our site or to your account. You consent to electronic communications for agreements, notices, disclosures and other info.

Contact Information

Contact us with any questions about these Terms or our site: https://gaanjaheal.com/

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