Cannabis Restaurant in Nashville

Best Cannabis Restaurant in Nashville

Published on: April 28, 2024

Best Cannabis Restaurant in Nashville

Nashville is a region in the United States. It has a few strict guidelines when it comes to the use of cannabis for any recreational purpose.

That is why it does have a considerably lesser number of cannabis restaurants in Nashville.

However, you can find a few cannabis dispensaries in Nashville. Even a medical marijuana card in Nashville is not applicable. 

Top 420 Restaurants in Nashville

As we already pointed out, Nashville did not have its cannabis restaurant until late 2022.

There are only a couple of cannabis restaurants in Nashville. We will check them out and add more restaurants if we find any.

However, we will also check out a few cannabis dispensaries on this list to help you find the best deals on your favorite cannabis and weed. 

Buds and Brews

Buds and Brews
Buds and Brews

Buds and Brews is the first ever cannabis restaurant in Nashville. In fact, it is the first ever cannabis infused restaurant cum bar in Tennessee.

It offers a wide range of full dispensary options, a more comprehensive drink selection, and a highly delicious food.

They also offer THC-infused sauces and provide you access to the vaporizer on rent. 

However, please note that not every dish available at Buds and Brews contains cannabis.

If you are looking for the drinks, foods and sauces that are free from cannabis, the restaurant does provide you access to them. 

Location:- 1244 3rd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208

Timing:- 11am to 12:30 am daily

High Notes Cannabis Bar and Lounge

High Notes Cannabis Bar and Lounge
High Notes Cannabis Bar and Lounge

High Notes is the best and most promising destination for cannabis enthusiasts. The bar and Lounge provide you access to an excellent level of relaxation, community experience, and a harmonious experience.

It provides a meticulously created selection of premium cannabis. The live music that accompanies the food and drinks should further enhance your experience. 

The bar and Lounge do provide you access to world-class DJs, cocktails, mocktails, and hightails. It provides you access to a special menu curated with the THC infused products.

The fresh and ethereal environment would be yet another plus point that you would find quite impressive in its own right. 

Location:- 1522B Demonbreun St, Nashville, TN 37203


  • Monday to Thursday – 4.30 pm to 11 pm
  • Fri- Sat – 11 am to 12 am
  • Sunday – 11 am to 11 pm

  CannaBuzz Bar

  CannaBuzz Bar
  CannaBuzz Bar

Though the restaurant is not located in Nashville, it is a nearby restaurant to the city and located in Lexington. It offers you a combination of a bar and a dispensary.

The place is known for live music, infused drinks, food trucks, local vendors, featured art, cannabis trivia and lots of fun. You can explore several attractions here.

Some of them include Grilled Tuna with sesame mustard and pickled watermelon, Zucchini with feta, toasted garlic, and mint, and Chicken Breast. 

Location:- 938 Manchester Street, Lexington, KY 40508


  • Wed to Sat – 3 pm to 8pm 
  • Closed Sun, Mon and Tue

What are the Laws Governing Cannabis in Nashville?

The laws in Tennessee govern the possession of THC products with more than 0.9% of content. It can result in legal charges. It can cause prosecution or fines.

The state has strict laws governing the  concentration of psychoactive compounds in any cannabis product. 

Use nd consumption of of both recreational and medical marijuana in Tennessee is illegal. In fact, Tennessee is among the 11 states our of 50 which are yet to legalise the general use of cannabis. 

However, you can buy Delta-8 products in Nashville. Delta 8 comes from the hemp. It is not illegal as per the federal laws and regulations governing cannabis usage. You can get the Delts 8 online or from the CBD shops or even smoke shops.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Nashville? 

It is not possible to avail a medical marijuana card in Nashville. Using medical marijuana is entirely illegal in Nashville.

This is why you will not be able to get a medical marijuana card in Nashville. 

Are you looking to get medical marijuana in Nashville? It is advisable to check out and consult a medical professional.

They would help you look for the alternatives for the available alternatives. 


Well, that was a formidable list of the best cannabis infused restaurants in Nashville. This list also includes the best cannabis dispensaries in Nashville.

You might have noticed that we have not listed many cannabis restaurants in Nashville. This is because it is one of the states that have yet to legalize cannabis. 

However, we would be glad to list out a few of the best cannabis restaurants and dispensaries in Nashville.

If we find any new restaurants coming up in the region, we will update the post in due course.

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