Best Cannabis Restaurants in Chicago

Best Cannabis Restaurants in Chicago

Published on: April 23, 2024

Best Cannabis Restaurants in Chicago

When it comes to searching for the best cannabis infused restaurants in the United States, the most frequent names that you can come to your mind may include California or Colorado.

But, even the regions like Chicago have begun moving towards cannabis tourism.

We thought of sifting through the best cannabis restaurants in Chicago – from that perspective. 

So, let us move on a journey of interactive experience with the best cannabis in Chicago. 

Top 10 Best 420-Friendly Restaurants in Chicago

Well, it isn’t that difficult to find the best cannabis infused restaurant in Chicago.

After the recent legalization of marijuana in the United States (of course, not every state has legalized it yet), we have been witnessing a lot of THC-infused restaurants that you can explore. 

Wake-N-Bakery – Marijuana Friendly Restaurant


If you are looking for a famous cannabis restaurant in Chicago, Wake N Bakery should be the best one you can choose.

There are several attractions that the restaurant offers. Some attractions here include several options, such as cookies, brownies, and even cheesecakes.

The friendly staff here should be another excellent feature of this restaurant. It also offers you gluten-free options. The restaurant uses Delta 8 THC.

It is the type of THC and it is derived from the legal variety of hemp. It is a restaurant that offers you the option of consuming THC without a medical marijuana card in Chicago. 

Location:- 3508 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657 and 1659 W Division St 60622

Timing:- 7 am to 5 pm

Herbal Notes

Herbal Notes
Herbal Notes

Herbal Notes is the premier THC infused food in Chicago. Each of the recipes here has 2 milligrams of cannabis oil. It is known to offer you a unique culinary experience.

The multi-sensory culinary options offered by the restaurant make it a prominent choice. Herbal Notes provides you with a huge combination of food, music, and libation. 

It is the best place for food and drink, music, and sports. 

Location:- Chicago

Timing:- Multiple timings based on events.

Protein Bar and Kitchen

Protein Bar and Kitchen
Protein Bar and Kitchen

They are a locally-based coffee and café chain in Chicago. They have recently begun adding 3 mg CBD floaters to any shake or coffee.

The café provides you access to easy to modify menu options which makes them suitable for practically any taste. Protein Bar and Kitchen also serves vegan and gluten-free food. 

If you are craving for healthy swaps, and high energy options, this is the right choice for you. 

Location:- 37 S LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60603

Timing:- 7 am to 7 pm

Kuma’s Corner – Weed Friendly Restaurant

Kuma's Corner
Kuma’s Corner

Kuma’s Corner is known to serve you CBD infused cocktails. You can get it in the months of spring and summer. You can also get a shot of CBD infused into any of your favourite drinks.

The joint serves a huge range of attractions which include burgers, Mac and Cheese, Craft Beer, appetizers, and sandwiches, to name a few. 

With your service for over 18 years, Kuma’s Corner has been an excellent option to choose from. 

Location:- 2900 W Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60618

Timing:- 11 am to 9 pm

THC by Chitiva Dispensary & Infused Ice Cream


Chitiva is an excellent option for the best cannabis-infused ice creams, slushies, desserts, and much more. You have more than 70 different options for drinks and other edible items.

The brand also focuses on plant based food and sustainability. The vibe here is yet another reason you would wish to be here. 

The cannabis here provides you with a light and travel-friendly experience. The laid back lounge here should be another unique option you wish to explore. 

Location:- 1948 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL

Timing:- 11 am to 12 am.

Canna Cafe (West Loop)

Canna Cafe (West Loop)
Canna Cafe (West Loop)

Want some comfort food with THC infusion? Canna Café is your top pick for the perfect cannabis infused restaurant.

The popular menu here would include pizza, burgers, barbeque wings, egg rolls and many other delicacies. You can also check out vegan menu featuring plant based food.

Top it up with the refreshing and exotic THC based beverages. You can choose to dine here or even decide to opt for a THC takeout as well. 

Location:- 1301 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago, IL


  • 4 pm to 9 pm (Thu and Friday)
  • Sat and Sun – 12 to 9 pm
  • Closed between Monday to Wednesday

Matteo’s Pot

Matteo’s Pot
Matteo’s Pot

Matteo’s Pot is an excellent option for the best cannabis infused private dining club. In fact, the restaurant has a long standing history in Chicago Cannabis.

You can choose from among puff & paint nights, dinner parties, brunches, and more. The brand works as a subscription based dining experience. 

You can explore the delicacies like creamy chicken truffle pasta, cauliflower wings, truffle fries, salmon burritos, and chicken tacos. 

Location:- 6646 South Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, IL

Timing:- 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Dispensary 33

Dispensary 33
Dispensary 33

Are you looking for the best and quick THC treat in Chicago? Dispensary 33 is the best you can get for the best cannabis restaurant in Chicago.

You can check out several options to quench your sweet tooth. Some of them would include artisan chocolates, gummies, and fizzy drinks.

You can also check a wide range of options that include chocolate marshmallow graham bar, milk chocolate peanut brittle bar, or white peach gummies. 

You can have your medical marijuana card in Chicago with the joint. 

Location:- 5001 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL

Timing:- 9 am to 9 pm

Sunrize Café

Sunrize Café
Sunrize Café

This is a popular eatery that serves regular food options. Yes, you can infuse everything here with cannabis if you feel like it.

The items that can be infused with THC include breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. It offers you the best benefits of natural hemp.

Some of the delicacies that this joint serves you would consist of steak and eggs, breakfast skillets, lamb chops, fried tilapia, hot-buttered corn muffins, and salads.

However, make sure that you are above the legal age before ordering the food infused with Delta 8.

Location:- 1652 Sibley Boulevard, Calumet City, IL


  • Wed to Sat – 9 am to 10 pm
  • Sun  and Tue– 11 am to 4.20 pm
  • Closed on Monday

 Happy Monday Coffee (River North)

 Happy Monday Coffee (River North)
 Happy Monday Coffee (River North)

This is an exceptional coffee bar known for its excellent experience. The specialty of the joint lies in the fact that it lets you enjoy the coffee prepared with artisan roasted coffee beans.

You can further make it all the more interesting with delta-8 THC. You can even combine it with drinks that include oat milk, butterscotch, and vanilla. 

A few great options that you can enjoy would include London Mocha, Strawberry Match, and Thyme is Honey. 

Location:- 676 North LaSalle Drive, Chicago, IL

Timing:- Monday to Wednesday – 8 am to 5 pm

Conclusion Of Best Cannabis Restaurants in Chicago

That was a formidable list of the best cannabis infused restaurants you can explore in Chicago. Of course, CBD or cannabis may be treated to be a fad, but it is definitely here to stay.

CBD does have several positive effects and has been treated as the best alternative for alcoholic drinks. That makes it easy to  add it to your cocktails. 

Whatever be your reason for searching for the best cannabis restaurants in Chicago, we are sure that this list should help you pick the best options possible.

Chicago definitely has a great collection of cannabis friendly restaurants and other joints which offer you an excellent camaraderie experience.

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